Pro Helpers Exchange™ (PHE) is the only secure, Real Estate Industry- Reference technology platform that enables Real Estate Industry providers and to compliantly leverage PHE account and make it actionable. PHE matches Service Providers with up-to-date information in their Service areas, providing them with an easy and accurate way to refer their providers for advanced action get paid for that referral. Get to know PHE >

Real Estate Brokerages
Use our trusted referred providers to pass the cost of Home Owners and their home listing needs .
Service Providers
Bring in additional revenue while giving your patients access to 
cutting-edge clinical trials.

Our Partners

Realtors trust their Referrals

If Service Providers learn about a Pro Helpers Exchange from peers, they are more likely to participate. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of Realtors say it’s likely they would pass the cost of pre marketing for a listing to their home owner if using a trusted partner like Pro Helpers.